Featuring a sleek, curved and touring shape, the MEMBA series excels in tracking and speed with the extra-long waterline. Perfect for the adventurers looking for an efficient long-distance touring kayak.


Constructed of our signature AQUASHELL™ fabric technology, the refreshed MEMBA kayaks are ultra-durable with anti-UV protection for hull covers and long-lasting graphic design through advanced digital printing.


The low rocker hull design, when combined with the stiff high-pressure drop-stitch deck, results in more glide, better tracking and effortless paddling. Weighing only 13.4kg and 17kg for solo and tandem models respectively, the MEMBA can be neatly packed in the newly-designed backpack for easy storage and convenient transportation.



Paddle Holder – Velcro paddle holder design for easy paddle lock
Carry Handle – Front, rear and center rubber carry handles for easy transport
D-buckle – Multiple strap D-buckles allow seat position adjustment
Valve – High pressure recessed valve for quick inflation and deflation
Seat System – Premium high-backrest seat with EVA cushion and storage pockets
Fin System – High performance two center fins for excellent straight-line tracking
Hand Pump – Upgraded gauged pump for easy and accurate inflation
Backpack – Functional zip backpack wrapping everything inside for a kayak tour


  • Status:New
  • Manufacturer:Aqua marina
  • Model:ME-330
  • Category:Kayak
  • Type :Unpowered
  • Boat Length :10
  • Beam :35
  • Hull Type :PVC

Aqua marina ME-330

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