Twenty years ago, Old Town created the Loon series and changed the way paddlesports viewed recreational kayaks. Today, the Loon series continues to revolutionize the sport as we tweak, twist and transform our old design to devise the world’s most advanced recreational kayak. The latest Loon features the ACS2 seat, creating the most advanced and best-fitting cockpit available. It also includes a removable workdeck, supplying space for customization, cameras, gear and water; dry storage; and a USB port to keep your gadgets charged, even after hours on the water.

  • Status:New
  • Manufacturer:Old town
  • Model:Loon 126
  • Category:Kayak
  • Type :Unpowered
  • Boat Length :12
  • Beam :31

Color : 01.5527.0108 - Black Cherry

Color : 01.5527.0116 - Photic

Color : 01.5527.0114 - Sunrise

Old town Loon 126

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